• Dr. John Kirk Boyd

    Founder, Executive Director: Has three law degrees, from UC Berkeley School of Law, including his doctorate. He has argued at every level of court, including the United States Supreme Court. Kirk has also taught International Human Rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and International Law at the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara. His goal is to further a plan for peace and prosperity within a global community while enjoying his sons, friends and sports.

  • Joshua Cooper

    International Coordinator: Hails from the great State of Hawaii where he is a Professor of Social Science and Human Rights. He is an expert on the UN system of human rights and an exceptional advocate of human rights. Well known internationally with both NGOs and governments, he is frequently engaged in meetings and teaching around the globe.

  • Keyvan Hajiani and SocioFabrica

    Digital Branding and Marketing firm in San Francisco: Builds movements with their brands. They have re-branded IBOR to Unite for Rights and are crafting a strategy for 1% of humanity to sign the pledge, igniting a social movement in the process.

  • Bruna Molina

    President, Unite for Rights, Geneva: A Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and Webster University, Bruna is former Director of the World Federation of United Nations Associations and served as Secretary of the Commission on Human Rights. She has been stationed around the globe, speaks five languages fluently, and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

  • Alfred de Zayas

    Vice President, Unite for Rights, Geneva: An Independent Expert for the UN Human Rights Council with a mandate to develop a Democratic and Equitable International Order. He is also a Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, and holds a law degree from Harvard along with a doctorate from the Max Planck Institute, Germany. Alfred worked as an American lawyer before moving to Geneva and becoming Chief Counsel for the Human Rights Committee. He enjoys skiing, hiking, biking and spending time with his wife, Carla.