Unite has a limited niche in the field of human rights: thinking about a plan for peace and prosperity within a global community.

There are many human rights organizations on the ground who are helping human rights defenders on a daily basis and we at Unite honor them. It's the most difficult work, and absolutely necessary. 99% of time and funding should go to meeting these immediate needs, and 1% should go to Unite to help orchestrate a plan for a global structure that lessons the violations of human rights.

Unite hopes that by providing these links as resources we are helping to further the work of individuals, businesses and governments globally -- just what our logo stands for- Unite for Rights!

We include information about human rights books, songs and movies, along with links to buy them, so their inspiration can inspire us to act. Most often musicians, actors and others are asked to come in after a tragedy and help raise money for those affected. This is great! Unite goes an extra step and asks these people to put there talent and funds behind a movement to create a global community 

We are also providing information here about various court systems, including Regional Court systems, because courts are the key to the implementation of a Global Bill of Rights. A list of rights without the power of judges to enforce it is inadequate. Empowering neutral judges to enforce rights is a major stride towards their genuine realization.