No. 28 - The "Daily Planet" Blog

Why is the name of this blog "Daily Planet" Because it's a daily bit of GOOD NEWS about how we are uniting on our planet even in these divisive times. It's for the people who want to remove  walls, psycological and physical. It's a perspective. As Kurt Vonnegut's son, Mark, put it when asked by his father "Why are we here," "We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is." 


The narrow minded are running the world and the broad minded need to do something about that. Unite for Rights provides something for the broad-minded to focus on together so they might have a slim opportunity to derail the narrow-minded who are driving us into oblivion.

The most important thing you can do is to take one minute to unite with others: stop reading this now, and if you have not signed to support the idea of enforceable rights for the people of all countries, go to the Unite home page and sign giving your name, email and country -- it's as simple as that. (Ready, GO! You can come right back, and if you sign I promise you will receive a letter from me on Unite letterhead).

                                                     [AFTER SIGNING]

But it's not really that simple, is it. The truth is that most people, consciously or subconsciously, do not really care about rights for all people. They just want to talk about it. Chances are better that you did not sign, than you did.  Why? Because, as Dale Carnegie taught, and made millions teaching, there is this simple truth: What people really care about is themselves. Each of us, myself included, spends most of our lives thinking about ourselves, what will we eat, what will we buy, when we will have sex, That's fine, we're human, that's what humans do, of every nationality.

So I ask you to once again think about signing -- this time out of self interest and strength. Whether you care to admit it or not, each of us are pawns being moved about through the game of life. We think we have independence, but most of the things we think about, the health care we need, whether someone is discriminating about us based on race or sex, if we can get a good college education, or our children can, all these are shaped by the social order that is constructed around us. We merely move around within the constraints in which we live, and think it is independent action because we have some limited movement within those constraints. 

Fortunately, as the author Malcolm  Gladwell has recently written: "The life we could have is so much richer than the one we have settled for."  You see, through a Global Bill of Rights we can recast the constraints in which we live. We can craft a world in which we wake up each day, all of us, and know that if we become sick there will be outstanding health care, if a politician is corrupt we can say so without being taken away, that we can marry the person we choose, and more. 

And this world starts with a simple signature: yours. 

I urge you to be part of a new story being told through the Daily Planet. One about how we are uniting. It's a different story from the deluge of negativity we are bombarded with everyday. You can help by commenting on these blogs, or writing one as a guest blogger.

Your story will be added to a chorus. It's like a candle. You can blow out a candle, but you can blow out a fire. It's time for a chorus for rights because too many of us who are calling for them and fighting for them are being blown out while others talk, but don't act.

Your stories will be added to the chorus in a book being written by the Executive Director of Unite for Rights, Dr. John Kirk Boyd, entitled "Through the Eyes of Astronauts."  Astronauts realize from space that there are no lines, no countries, and it's rather foolish that much of the energy and money spent down below is to prepare for, or engage in, war.   TWO TRILLION DOLLARS a year is spent on military. 

So help out. Take a moment to look "through the eyes of astronauts," sign to support the idea of rights for all, and share your thoughts. Tell your story of how we are uniting in what appear to be divisive times.