No. 8 - Barack Obama and the Currrent of Humanity

After 15 years of working daily to make sense of the voices of the current of humanity, even when Siddhartha was right and it certainly is a cacophony, there are moments when I hear someone speak with clarity and sincerity so that the din becomes a flow. Today I heard one of those voices. It was President Obama speaking to the British people about why they should stay in the European Union. It's deep in this video link - start at 13:30.


Barack video

At the core of Unite for Rights is peace. Peace is not simply some tranquil feeling that one has during meditation. Of course there can be inner peace, and this is helpful to achieving outer peace. But just as people will always put pollution in a river if they can save money until the law stops them from doing so, people will always exploit others and leave them destitute unless the law prevents them from doing so.

For centuries nations have continually been a war, and the key point that Obama makes is that countries are actually stronger through participating in regional arrangements. Given the quarrelsome nature of humans, there is security in integration. Rousseau understood that each of us is giving up a piece of our individual sovereignty by joining society, but it's worth it because the social norms of that society make for a more secure life with better well-being,

The same is true for nation-states: trading a small piece of sovereignty is worthwhile for the greater security and well-being that is obtained.

There will not be war when there is a Global Bill of Rights in place. As with climate change, global problems require global solutions, and this is the level on which Unite for Rights operates.

There is harmony in the voices Siddhartha heard in the river. We just need to listen.

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