No. 38 - Unite with Animals

Today poachers had the nerve to kill a white rhino in a French zoo to cut off it's horn with a chainsaw. People often think of the Unite movement as anthropocentric, but it's not. One of the main purposes of a Global Bill of Rights is the preservation of all species, humans being just one of them.

It you look at Article 11 in the draft Global Bill of Rights the is, in effect, a global endangered species act that would empower lawyers in all countries to represent and fight for threatened and endangered species. It provides good jobs saving rhinos as opposed to bad jobs -- the person who shot the rhino in the head had a job to do. 

That horn is no different than fingernails. Only a sick person would do this. And I'd bet 10 times the money value of that horn that it is some kid who grew up power and uneducated, of course the same is true of crime in the US and most other countries as well.