No. 37 - Going Upstream with Unite

There's a story I'd like to tell as a blog entry:

Once there was a river that flowed through a town. One day bodies started coming down the river, some were  dead, others seriously injured. The people in the town were caring and compassionate. They went down and started pulling bodies out of the river.  When bodies kept coming they built hospitals and other facilities near the river. Then one day while a group was taking another body out of the water, a young woman helping looked up and said "this is very important, we have to get this body out of the water, but shouldn't somebody go upstream?"


She was right and I volunteered. A few others volunteered too, but it is a steep climb, shrouded in cloud, and without remuneration. Most people and businesses will not bother to go upstream, at least not at first, but at least they will know about Unite so they need to be asked. After signing, the most helpful thing you can do is to tell folks about our Unite website, and travel with us upstream.

I commend those pulling the bodies out of the river, it certainly matters to those who are saved. But at some point the institutionalization of travesty is part of the problem, so  whatever you are doing for philanthropy, great. Unite is glue  that helps hold all the good work together.