No. 31 - Blueprint for Earth

My father, John Boyd, was an architect in Palo Alto, CA.

This blue print was not his. Now they are rarely used, but I can remember the smell as they would come off the machine. He didn't see walls. A building could be right there in front of him and all he could see were possibilities. I've tried to carry this approach into law. It's not easy, many lawyers look at the design of the law the way many subdivision designers look at building: repetition, not imagination. 

When Eleanor Roosevelt  was asked about what qualities she looked for in people, one of them was imagination. I agree. Then throw in a view to future. What will humanity become? Well, that depends on the future we imagine and the blueprint we create to build that future. You guessed it -- that blueprint is Unite for Rights and a Global Bill of Rights. The society it creates is as tangible as the house built by this blueprint.

So thank you Dad, and let us add another another of his thoughts: the structure needs to fit with the natural environment upon which it is built. So too with the design of a social contract for humanity, let it fit well with the Earth upon which it rests.