No. 30 - What if?

What if a nuclear war occurred? What would you think in those few minutes when the missles were flying and humanity, including your family, was about to be annihilated? 

The first thing I would think of is my sons. It would crush me. I'd apologize that my generation, the "baby boomers" were such fools that they never had a chance. Then I would apologize to God for destroying the beautiful world and lives that He gave us, and then I would wonder how we could be so fucking stupid that we let people --actually gave them large amounts of money -- so they could build these weapons that brought about this end. 

And I would be angry. but not at the assholes in many countries who pushed these weapons so they could make a buck, or have power. We will always have assholes who make it to power, that's why we must have Bills of Rights, to restrain them when they inevitably do.  No, my anger would be toward the average decent person, myself included, who was so weak that we allowed this to happen. 

The United States is about to embark on building a new round of these weapons. Why? Because we have failed to unite to stop them. So take a few minutes to unite with others through the work of Unite for Rights. Let's pick a different future than the path we are blandly following. Human security is something we must create, it's not something that government officials will give us.

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