No. 24 - Unite to be Stronger Together

 I watched Hillary Clinton give her speech at the United States Democratic convention tonight. Candidly, I find her to be the superior candidate to Trump. But I’d like to give a slightly different reason for that conclusion than what you might hear from the pundits on television: she flows better with the current of humanity.

If you read these blogs, then you already have a sense of my mind, and the purpose of Unite for Rights. I don’t fixate on a particular candidate, but rather look for movements.

So where is the “movement” at the Democratic Convention? Many would say it is Bernie Sanders, and to a large extent I agree. No doubt he has brought basic fundamental rights like education, including higher education, to attention, even into the Democratic platform. He has also further paved the way to health care as a human right,  implemented through true universal healthcare where it is a single-payer system and all the middlemen and women who are skimming tens of billions of dollars for themselves are carved out of the system.

But beyond these particular issues there is an even larger movement afoot: the idea that we are “stronger together.”

Won't it be something when "stronger together" is a slogan made on a planetary scale? That day will come and whether or not I live to see it, the movement will be represented by this image, among others:

These three figures are rising as certain as the sun, moon and stars. The people on Earth are ready for individuals, businesses and governments to unite, (the three represented by the figures) it's only money that is needed now. 

Funny how people think that it will take a long time to realize that as a planet, Earth, and one part of all species, we are “stronger together.” This is the outcome of the plan in Unite for Rights. I admit this plan will not unfold overnight -- it may be lifetimes – but so what? I am bored with people who can’t think beyond their own lifetime, which is most of us, including me, most of the time. Try it for yourself: mindfully direct a conversation with others to events beyond their lifetimes and see what happens.

And after you try that, you may by flabbergasted and need some perspective - if so, head outdoors and peer into the sky.


It doesn’t take much imagination to know that’s where we are headed. All it will take for us to get there is to put equal value on a plan as we put on a candy bar by the same name as that picture, Milky Way. It’s not our new frontier, it’s our new backyard. The bridge there is to get beyond our quarreling with each other in petty ways among nation-states, and become “stronger together” as a global community. To do so takes imagination, drive, and struggle, and the broad-minded will prevail over the narrow-minded.

Humanity will make it to those stars sooner than most of us think. When we go, it must be as a family as an act of adventure, not desperation leaving an environmentally despoiled planet or a wasted gem with cesspools of of poverty amidst great wealth as we have now.

At this point the outcome of our emergence is based more on determination than brilliance: it’s assertiveness, it’s rejecting those who seek to propel us backward into the quagmire of warring nation states with big walls between them. These people take us back, not forward. Tear down their illusory walls. Think for the stars, and think of us all as being “stronger together” to get us there. And we will.

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