No. 17 - Unite Through Teamwork

I just finished watching the best basketball shooter of all time, Stephen Curry, in one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen: The Golden State Warriors vs. the Portland Trailblazers in the NBA playoffs.

Curry scored 17 points in overtime, yet another NBA record, and this was coming off of a knee injury, so he hadn’t played in the past three weeks. Afterwards, when they interviewed him, to what did he attribute his phenomenal success, and his team winning the game? Teamwork!

And it’s true!

Curry is talented and dedicated, but he wouldn’t be what he is without his team, or his coach, Steve Kerr, who is particularly good at building a team.

What, you might wonder, does this have to do with Unite for Rights? Everything. Let me show you in a picture.

More than anything else the goal of Unite for Rights is focus and teamwork. When you look at this picture of Earth, can you imagine the collective power we will have when we finally grow into a team, sharing one planet, as opposed to a bunch of conflicting nation states, where we direct the least 30% of all of our energy, time, education, money, preparing to annihilate one another or defend ourselves from one another.

No economist can deny that if Unite’s Global Bill of Rights becomes a reality, and we have a global community, with independent nations, states, cities and towns, but no walls, no borders -- the efficiencies will propel us into a new state of higher interaction, just as teamwork of the Warriors propels them to a higher state of interaction and success.

Of course we will always compete. It’s our nature. Just as the Warriors and the Blazers do. But there will be rules, and there will be judges, just like there were referees tonight. And those rules of be written down just as they are for the NBA. There will always be controversy about the application, just as tonight there were terrible calls that were obviously wrong, but we will abide by them, because we are smart enough to know that resolution by judges is better than resolution by bombs – particularly when we create a list of rights in written form that all leaders and judges must follow.

The teamwork of a global community will raise humanity to a new higher level, one that will prepare us to travel together to adventures in the stars. And teamwork will make our lives, and the health of our planet, Earth, better along the way.

Welcome to the Unite for Rights team.

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