No. 12 - A Plan for Earth

A business plan is one of the first things prepared when you set out to start a new business. Why? Because you want to see where you are going so you can arrive there. Thinking ahead helps you prevent an unfortunate demise. The same is true for our planet, Earth. It is wise for humanity to have a plan for where we are headed and where we want to end up.

To this end we are wise to follow the advice of Confucius.

Confucius said "He who does not look at what is distant will find sorrow near at hand."

So it is on Earth. One of the reasons climate change and war befall us it that we do not look at what is distant and plan ahead. So let's look ahead, say to the end of this century. Do we really expect that the existing structure of nation states constantly threating war against one another will have continued to that time? Will we be spending tens of trillions on weapons each year instead of the 2 trillion a year we are spending now?

Of course not. By that short time we will either have integrated into a global community or annihilated ourselves as fools. A global community is preferable, but we need a plan.

Unite for Rights is that plan. When a Global Bill of Rights is in place there will still be borders, but people will be able to freely cross them. For many this may seen unlikely, even bizarre. For them I suggest a look at this picture.

These people are walking across a bridge from Germany to France near Strasburg. After centuries of battles along this border, families, be they French, German, American -- from any country -- can walk across.

Following the advice of Confucius, with the plan of Unite, we can have bridges like this among all countries -- and happy families crossing them too!

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