No. 6 - Free Speech or Mental Slavery

It's interesting that many people who talk with me about the work of Unite for Rights (UfR) seem to think it's some kind of academic enterprise with no daily application.

This is untrue. Most of the concepts that UfR is working on can be seen in practice on a daily basis. Let's take free speech for example. Free speech as a right is in a constant state of deterioration. It doesn't matter whether it is in the United States, Europe, or Asia, those in power, over time or in specific circumstances, gravitate to restrictions on free speech for a variety of reasons – most of them to protect their own personal interests and power.

You can see this today with the President of Turkey, he has been systematically curtailing free speech to preserve his power and control. Now he's gone so far as to bring a case in Germany because a late-night TV show host had the nerve to recite a poem mocking him on German television.

Comedian Video

There are people in Germany actually considering prosecution of the tv host. This is where a regional court system is invaluable. Thanks to the Bill of Rights for Europe, The European Convention on Human Rights, there are regional restraints on the limitation of free speech.

As you can see at the webpage posted below, on April 13, 2016, the Council of Ministers in Europe, a regional body, used the regional Bill of Rights to protect free speech and journalism in 47 countries.

If we reach the point that we cannot criticize heads of state either in our own country or another countries, we have become mental slaves. Mental slavery is a violation of our human rights just like physical slavery. It's worthwhile to support a Global Bill of Rights for peace of mind.

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