No. 39 - Global Citizens Need a Global Bill of Rights

Global Citizens need a Global Bill of Rights. What more can I say? Global Citizen and Unite for Rights complement each other. Who knows?


One big difference between for profits and non-profits is that for profits realize strength through merging. Nonprofits can do some of this as well, and should. There are over 1 million nonprofits today. A Global Bill of Rights would solve at least half of their missions. 

No. 38 - Unite with Animals

Today poachers had the nerve to kill a white rhino in a French zoo to cut off it's horn with a chainsaw. People often think of the Unite movement as anthropocentric, but it's not. One of the main purposes of a Global Bill of Rights is the preservation of all species, humans being just one of them.

It you look at Article 11 in the draft Global Bill of Rights the is, in effect, a global endangered species act that would empower lawyers in all countries to represent and fight for threatened and endangered species. It provides good jobs saving rhinos as opposed to bad jobs -- the person who shot the rhino in the head had a job to do. 

That horn is no different than fingernails. Only a sick person would do this. And I'd bet 10 times the money value of that horn that it is some kid who grew up power and uneducated, of course the same is true of crime in the US and most other countries as well. 

No. 37 - Going Upstream with Unite

There's a story I'd like to tell as a blog entry:

Once there was a river that flowed through a town. One day bodies started coming down the river, some were  dead, others seriously injured. The people in the town were caring and compassionate. They went down and started pulling bodies out of the river.  When bodies kept coming they built hospitals and other facilities near the river. Then one day while a group was taking another body out of the water, a young woman helping looked up and said "this is very important, we have to get this body out of the water, but shouldn't somebody go upstream?"


She was right and I volunteered. A few others volunteered too, but it is a steep climb, shrouded in cloud, and without remuneration. Most people and businesses will not bother to go upstream, at least not at first, but at least they will know about Unite so they need to be asked. After signing, the most helpful thing you can do is to tell folks about our Unite website, and travel with us upstream.

I commend those pulling the bodies out of the river, it certainly matters to those who are saved. But at some point the institutionalization of travesty is part of the problem, so  whatever you are doing for philanthropy, great. Unite is glue  that helps hold all the good work together. 

No. 36 - A Book: "Through the Eyes of Astronauts"

I'm writing a book. It's my second. My first was 2048: Humanity's Agreement to Live Together. It was a best seller in the Bay Area for four weeks back in 2010 -- that was seven years ago. 2048 laid out the foundation for a plan for humanity to transition from war and want to peace and prosperity.

I didn't write the plan. As far as I can tell from my studies of the microfiche files for the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the principal authors for substance are John Humphrey,  and Rene Cassin. Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Malick and P.C. Chang were responsible for much of the steerage, but these two did the most research and writing, primarily Humphrey - it's fitting that he's a hero in Canada. 

The book I'm writing now, Through the Eyes of Astronauts, is about how we can build upon the foundation described in 2048. Eyes is about perspective. Most of us see myopically, and generally we are oblivious as to how myopic we are. Even worse, brutes with minds as narrow as their vision are gaining power globally using nationalistic fervor to enhance tunnel vision, fear and divisiveness - the same old trick of the power hungry to pit the masses against each other.

Fortunately there is a vision and perspective greater than theirs. Just as heavenly objects make their steady rotations around each other, and the universe, so too will the perspective of humanity from warring nation states slowly rotate to the global community we are destined to be. Here is the view that will bring us there:

Her experience helps overcome myopia. Most astronauts return changed mentally. A Saudi cosmonaut put it brilliantly: 

“The first day or so we all pointed to our countries. The third or fourth day we were pointing to our continents. By the fifth day we were aware of only one Earth.”

We can learn from this insight. When astronauts look at the world beneth them, yes, they realize that it's a beautiful blue marble, and they also realize that all the nations pitted against each other are no more than a construct -- and, as with any construct, it can be changed. 

So take that first step. See through the eyes of astronauts, and set your imagination free to think about rights for all on that beautiful planet below. 

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No. 35 - Sisyphus and Unite

The standard for the Daily Planet blog is "up to 500 words." I like that, a cap, no minimum - particularly on a Sunday night when I'm tired and feel the weight of 20 years working on a Global Bill of Rights with little to show for it, monetarily, but the best plan for humanity ever written, if you care to look here. And when you do, as those who know me are well aware, this plan is no ephiphany of mine- all I've done is refine with study, hard work and the help of many others is prepare for the day when it will be swept up with the wave of the times.

I'll leave to to a picture to sum up the experience:

 Worth 500 words.   Click on blog title to leave or read comments

Worth 500 words.

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No. 34 - Unite for Reparations

It's dishonest to assert that the vestiges of slavery and segregation are over, and everyone now can start from the same starting point that is the meritocracy of capitalism.  If you think that, I suggest you watch this short video that depicts the thousands of slave ships that carried over 10,000,000 of the strongest and healthiest people from Africa.

Click on the year 1708 at the bar beneath the video. Then sit and watch the dots cross for two minutes. During that time, hit the pause button and take in the hundreds of ships, all of them full of people living in torture below deck, and then rethink your perspective.


It's impossible to watch those thousands of dots cross the water in rapid succession, consider the inhumane storage of their cargo, realize that these horrific acts where followed by slavery, segregation and prejudice for centuries, and conclude "oh that's the past, it's over now." 

There are many reasons to support economic and social rights such as education and health, one of them it to take steps to remove the vestiges of the atrocities you see here. It's owed, in addition to empowering great minds of all backgrounds.

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No. 33 - Trump's Golden Toilet

A while back I learned that Trump's toilet seats on his airplane are plated in 14 kt. gold. Having traveled much of the world, all I say about somebody who sits their ass down on solid gold to take a dump is that they are mentally ill - their mind is as empty as their bowels and their morality as putrid as the feces they drop.

At first I thought it was just the sick excentricities of a plane, then I found out that the toilets in his home are plated in gold too. 

How do the so-called evangelicals who flock to him explain this?. Do they even read the gospels? Given the state of the world where 80% of humanity is living off of less than 10 U.S. dollars a day, would Jesus have golden toilets? He made the answer pretty clear: 

                     "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures up earth, where moth and rust                                 destroy and thieves break in and steal." Matthew 6, verse 19.

You don't need to be Christian to believe in a Global Bill of Rights that makes sure that everyone has education and health care, a decent life, before so-called "leaders of the free world" are dumping on golden toilets, but if you are, then the hypocrisy of his actions, and your own if you support him, stinks. 

And if you disagree with me, please point to the gospels instead of some lame personal attack.  

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No. 32 - Spy vs. Spy

Does anybody recall Spy vs. Spy in Mad magazine? One was always getting the better of the other. It was humorous, I liked it. 


But in real life it's getting rather boring. constantly scheming. Then when the rich wage war it's the poor who die. Existence is fragile when it's being lived at arm's length. Vent through sports teams, or comics. The fact that the Pentagon is the second largest building on Earth after the Bejing airport is making us weaker, not stronger. 

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No. 31 - Blueprint for Earth

My father, John Boyd, was an architect in Palo Alto, CA.

This blue print was not his. Now they are rarely used, but I can remember the smell as they would come off the machine. He didn't see walls. A building could be right there in front of him and all he could see were possibilities. I've tried to carry this approach into law. It's not easy, many lawyers look at the design of the law the way many subdivision designers look at building: repetition, not imagination. 

When Eleanor Roosevelt  was asked about what qualities she looked for in people, one of them was imagination. I agree. Then throw in a view to future. What will humanity become? Well, that depends on the future we imagine and the blueprint we create to build that future. You guessed it -- that blueprint is Unite for Rights and a Global Bill of Rights. The society it creates is as tangible as the house built by this blueprint.

So thank you Dad, and let us add another another of his thoughts: the structure needs to fit with the natural environment upon which it is built. So too with the design of a social contract for humanity, let it fit well with the Earth upon which it rests. 



No. 30 - What if?

What if a nuclear war occurred? What would you think in those few minutes when the missles were flying and humanity, including your family, was about to be annihilated? 

The first thing I would think of is my sons. It would crush me. I'd apologize that my generation, the "baby boomers" were such fools that they never had a chance. Then I would apologize to God for destroying the beautiful world and lives that He gave us, and then I would wonder how we could be so fucking stupid that we let people --actually gave them large amounts of money -- so they could build these weapons that brought about this end. 

And I would be angry. but not at the assholes in many countries who pushed these weapons so they could make a buck, or have power. We will always have assholes who make it to power, that's why we must have Bills of Rights, to restrain them when they inevitably do.  No, my anger would be toward the average decent person, myself included, who was so weak that we allowed this to happen. 

The United States is about to embark on building a new round of these weapons. Why? Because we have failed to unite to stop them. So take a few minutes to unite with others through the work of Unite for Rights. Let's pick a different future than the path we are blandly following. Human security is something we must create, it's not something that government officials will give us.

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No. 29 - Unite with Pooh

Greetings, the Daily Planet can include anything, words, pictures, videos -- up to 500 words, contributed by anybody. Just send them to me, the Executive Director of Unite For Rights, Dr. John Kirk Boyd, ( and I will post them -- even if I might disagree. As Nelson Mandela said: "Let the voices of all the people be heard."

Please note, it's up to 500 words, and may be a lot less. Here for example, is inspiration from Winnie the Pooh that has been a guiding light for 35 years in my legal career:


Sometimes when the fights begin, I think I'll let the dragons win

But then again, perhaps I won't, because they're are dragons, and I don't

Don't let the dragons win! Sign to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights today.

No. 28 - The "Daily Planet" Blog

Why is the name of this blog "Daily Planet" Because it's a daily bit of GOOD NEWS about how we are uniting on our planet even in these divisive times. It's for the people who want to remove  walls, psycological and physical. It's a perspective. As Kurt Vonnegut's son, Mark, put it when asked by his father "Why are we here," "We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is." 


The narrow minded are running the world and the broad minded need to do something about that. Unite for Rights provides something for the broad-minded to focus on together so they might have a slim opportunity to derail the narrow-minded who are driving us into oblivion.

The most important thing you can do is to take one minute to unite with others: stop reading this now, and if you have not signed to support the idea of enforceable rights for the people of all countries, go to the Unite home page and sign giving your name, email and country -- it's as simple as that. (Ready, GO! You can come right back, and if you sign I promise you will receive a letter from me on Unite letterhead).

                                                     [AFTER SIGNING]

But it's not really that simple, is it. The truth is that most people, consciously or subconsciously, do not really care about rights for all people. They just want to talk about it. Chances are better that you did not sign, than you did.  Why? Because, as Dale Carnegie taught, and made millions teaching, there is this simple truth: What people really care about is themselves. Each of us, myself included, spends most of our lives thinking about ourselves, what will we eat, what will we buy, when we will have sex, That's fine, we're human, that's what humans do, of every nationality.

So I ask you to once again think about signing -- this time out of self interest and strength. Whether you care to admit it or not, each of us are pawns being moved about through the game of life. We think we have independence, but most of the things we think about, the health care we need, whether someone is discriminating about us based on race or sex, if we can get a good college education, or our children can, all these are shaped by the social order that is constructed around us. We merely move around within the constraints in which we live, and think it is independent action because we have some limited movement within those constraints. 

Fortunately, as the author Malcolm  Gladwell has recently written: "The life we could have is so much richer than the one we have settled for."  You see, through a Global Bill of Rights we can recast the constraints in which we live. We can craft a world in which we wake up each day, all of us, and know that if we become sick there will be outstanding health care, if a politician is corrupt we can say so without being taken away, that we can marry the person we choose, and more. 

And this world starts with a simple signature: yours. 

I urge you to be part of a new story being told through the Daily Planet. One about how we are uniting. It's a different story from the deluge of negativity we are bombarded with everyday. You can help by commenting on these blogs, or writing one as a guest blogger.

Your story will be added to a chorus. It's like a candle. You can blow out a candle, but you can blow out a fire. It's time for a chorus for rights because too many of us who are calling for them and fighting for them are being blown out while others talk, but don't act.

Your stories will be added to the chorus in a book being written by the Executive Director of Unite for Rights, Dr. John Kirk Boyd, entitled "Through the Eyes of Astronauts."  Astronauts realize from space that there are no lines, no countries, and it's rather foolish that much of the energy and money spent down below is to prepare for, or engage in, war.   TWO TRILLION DOLLARS a year is spent on military. 

So help out. Take a moment to look "through the eyes of astronauts," sign to support the idea of rights for all, and share your thoughts. Tell your story of how we are uniting in what appear to be divisive times.


No. 27 - Build a Station and a Train Will Come

I was recently in Seoul, Korea attending a peace conference. The Koreans, being a divided country, have strong feelings for peace. They also have strong feelings for rights. Anyone who says that free speech is not part of "Asian values" ought to spend some time in Seoul where they exercise their right to free speech regularly.

I also saw something that captures the determination of Unite to draft and circulate a Global Bill of Rights. It is this:

A train station -- only no trains come here. It is right on the border with North Korea and has been built for the day when trains will pass through coming and going within one country. That's determination -- building a station for the day a train will come.

So it is with Unite for Rights. Unite is building a Global Bill of Rights for the day it will be put to use. For the day when, as with the two Koreas, rights will be recognized among all countries. 

Of course it won't happen overnight. But both will happen: trains will arrive at that station, and there will be a Global Bill of Rights. Why? because human rights are irrepressible; they may be restrained, but they cannot be contained. 

Vaclav Havel understood this when he wrote shortly after the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. Many people thought opposition was futile. He didn't; he wrote "Even a purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible political effect can gradually and indirectly, over time, gain in political significance." After being jailed for this, and other moral acts, he went on to become President of Czechoslovakia.

Help Unite create rights for all people, a moral act, and that day too will come.

 What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

No. 26 - Robert F. Kennedy and Unite

Can you think of a quote that has sparked your imagination? I can. It was the first quote I ever committed to memory. I was in 9th grade and it was on a poster on the wall in the kitchen of my friend's home. It was a picture of Robert F. Kennedy.

I'm not sure why this quote moved me, but it did. It's that fine line between a harbinger and an inspiration, where something captures your essence and you are unsure if that's because of what you are, or what you will become. 

Whichever it is, it's how I've lived my life. As Malcolm Gladwell has pointed out in his book, Outliers, there were many of us in Palo Alto, and the Bay Area generally, who thought this way in the 1970's and 80's. This quote has not been a constant awareness, nor do I even think of it often, but my life's work here on this website is the product of this state of mind.

Many think to dream of things that never where is a mistake. "Foolish dreamer" they say -- and perhaps they are rights much of the time. Most dreamers along the path less traveled by never emerge from the brier along that path, but thankfully some do. 

No. 25 - Would Jesus Sign the Unite Pledge?

Let me clarify something as I begin this piece: I'm not writing in support of Christianity. My own feeling is that the strongest relationship one can have with God is voluntary. That's why I oppose any religious state, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other. It's an insult to the connection with God to have the state compel that connection.

Belief in God is not required to support the Unite pledge, and the idea of a Global Bill of Rights. Freedom of Religion, as it is written in Article 8 of the draft document, creates the right to have no religion.

Still, the marketplace of ideas includes discussion about God and religion. In that vein, I suggest that Jesus would sign the Unite pledge.

Why, because of what he said.   Let's start with the "golden rule" Matthew 7, verse 12 "...however you want people to treat you, so treat them."  A Bill of Rights at its core is an agreement to treat others as you expect to be treated.  Unite makes this agreement enforceable through courts. 

And why courts? Cannot human character be trusted? Sometimes yes, but often no. Rousseau was only half right when he had his epiphany walking from Geneva to Paris and realized that men are inherently good -- it's the social institutions they live in that make them bad.  Humans are half good and half bad, in equal proportion. It's the social contract they design, in this case a Bill of Rights, that brings out the good, or accentuates the bad. 

Let me give you an example:

Jesus says "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures up earth, where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal." Matthew 6, verse 19. Jesus would sign to moderate those who would lay up vast treasures for themselves even as the majority of humans live in squalor. A system that brings out the best creates well being for all, not financial equality for all. His one violent act was to overturn the tables of the money changers.

And finally we have the death penalty. How can any Christian support the death penalty? Jesus wouldn't. He would say "...whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also" Matthew  5, verse 39. This is not out of weakness, but out of strength, just as Gandhi and King followed this advice into beatings and into victory.

Yes, Jesus would sign the pledge, the real question for anyone is will they too, and if not, why not?

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No. 24 - Unite to be Stronger Together

 I watched Hillary Clinton give her speech at the United States Democratic convention tonight. Candidly, I find her to be the superior candidate to Trump. But I’d like to give a slightly different reason for that conclusion than what you might hear from the pundits on television: she flows better with the current of humanity.

If you read these blogs, then you already have a sense of my mind, and the purpose of Unite for Rights. I don’t fixate on a particular candidate, but rather look for movements.

So where is the “movement” at the Democratic Convention? Many would say it is Bernie Sanders, and to a large extent I agree. No doubt he has brought basic fundamental rights like education, including higher education, to attention, even into the Democratic platform. He has also further paved the way to health care as a human right,  implemented through true universal healthcare where it is a single-payer system and all the middlemen and women who are skimming tens of billions of dollars for themselves are carved out of the system.

But beyond these particular issues there is an even larger movement afoot: the idea that we are “stronger together.”

Won't it be something when "stronger together" is a slogan made on a planetary scale? That day will come and whether or not I live to see it, the movement will be represented by this image, among others:

These three figures are rising as certain as the sun, moon and stars. The people on Earth are ready for individuals, businesses and governments to unite, (the three represented by the figures) it's only money that is needed now. 

Funny how people think that it will take a long time to realize that as a planet, Earth, and one part of all species, we are “stronger together.” This is the outcome of the plan in Unite for Rights. I admit this plan will not unfold overnight -- it may be lifetimes – but so what? I am bored with people who can’t think beyond their own lifetime, which is most of us, including me, most of the time. Try it for yourself: mindfully direct a conversation with others to events beyond their lifetimes and see what happens.

And after you try that, you may by flabbergasted and need some perspective - if so, head outdoors and peer into the sky.


It doesn’t take much imagination to know that’s where we are headed. All it will take for us to get there is to put equal value on a plan as we put on a candy bar by the same name as that picture, Milky Way. It’s not our new frontier, it’s our new backyard. The bridge there is to get beyond our quarreling with each other in petty ways among nation-states, and become “stronger together” as a global community. To do so takes imagination, drive, and struggle, and the broad-minded will prevail over the narrow-minded.

Humanity will make it to those stars sooner than most of us think. When we go, it must be as a family as an act of adventure, not desperation leaving an environmentally despoiled planet or a wasted gem with cesspools of of poverty amidst great wealth as we have now.

At this point the outcome of our emergence is based more on determination than brilliance: it’s assertiveness, it’s rejecting those who seek to propel us backward into the quagmire of warring nation states with big walls between them. These people take us back, not forward. Tear down their illusory walls. Think for the stars, and think of us all as being “stronger together” to get us there. And we will.

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No. 23 - Unite with the ACLU

I'm glad to be a member of the ACLU. Creating rights is only half the struggle, it's an equal struggle to keep them and enforce them. Most human rights nonprofits do not emphasize the connection between rights and courts. They primarily use "blame and shame" techniques to coerce enforcement. I admire them. They are making the most with what they have.

These same nonprofits, however, worldwide, need to plan for where we want to to be, not just make the most of where we are. The international human rights community is making genuine progress and it's time to coalesce to use our power to effectuate a plan. Unite for Rights provides that plan. Human rights organizations can further their missions by focusing on a plan as only 1% of what they do, and contribute their logo to show that they are willing to help implement a plan to have human rights enforceable in the courts of all countries.

The ACLU recently asked members to explain why they support the ACLU. Here's what I wrote. It a simple explanation of the work of Unite. It also announces a new "take two minutes" campaign for people and businesses to sign a pledge to support a Global Bill of Rights.

"I’m a member of the ACLU because a Bill of Rights is our social contract. It is our agreement with those who govern that we will let them govern, when we elect them, but only if we retain for ourselves certain rights that they must follow and provide. The ACLU steadfastly reminds politicians and others of their obligations. Far too often nonprofits believe that begging politicians is enough: it’s not. Sometimes you have to sue them and thankfully we have outstanding judges across the land enforcing our rights in courts.

I’m also civil rights lawyer and have argued civil rights at every level of court, including the United States Supreme Court. I make the most of the civil rights law that we have and admire the civil rights lawyers with ACLU who are doing the same.

Last, and most importantly, I am the executive director of a nonprofit, Unite for Rights located in San Francisco, California and Geneva, Switzerland. Our mission is to draft and implement a Global Bill of Rights. What the ACLU is doing is great for America, but it is time to think more broadly: it’s time to think of a Global Bill of Rights that is enforceable in the courts of all countries.

We at Unite for Rights hope you will participate in our “take two minutes” campaign to have people and businesses in all countries sign a pledge to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights on our website

Thank you ACLU for all that you do, and let’s make rights enforceable globally as well as locally."

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No. 22 - It's the Idea, not the Person

I don't care where ideas come from. It's the idea, not the source that matters. But try this for yourself. We are conditioned not to think for ourselves. Let me give you an example: suppose a legal issue comes up for the first time in one country, but the issue has already been decided in another. Some, such as former United States Supreme Court Justice Scalia would say that it should not be considered -- too risky -- the thinking of others might taint the decision to be made.

That's foolish because all ideas are built on others. Language itself is built on what we are taught. So is culture. It's a weak mind that won't measure an idea on it's merit. I can read any idea and have the strength to make my own decision about it. 

Please do the same when you look at Unite's draft Global Bill of Rights. Too often I see people who are too afraid to think for themselves. If you want to go one step further, imagine that you are choosing a set of rights for all people in all countries and once the rights are chosen you will suddenly appear in one of those countries, you know not which. Here is something to help:

Chances are, if you can suddenly appear anywhere you won't pick the system we have now -- the chances are too great that you will be sick, destitute, or both. Or you will be in the 80% of the people in this picture who are living off of less than $2 U.S. dollars a day. The idea of rights comes from the human heart and mind, that's all we need to know. From there, if our minds are strong enough, we can think for ourselves and make sure that we all have a decent set of them, because we don't have a fair set of them now.

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No. 21 - Watch a Video That Captures Unite!

Everyone knows the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words."  In this case, a video is worth many thousands. It captures what Unite is about. Unite is a means to implement the end of social democracy. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation has put together a simple, enjoyable portrayal of social democracy. Unite supplements the portion 1:30-1:45 by creating a forum to discuss a movement to go beyond the twin Covenants to a Global Bill of Rights that can be enforceable in the courts of all countries.


Enjoy! We at Unite did. Thank you FES!


No. 20 - Brexit, Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

A British friend of mine had a poignant response to the Brexit vote: “I feel sorry for the millennials, “he said. So do I. Faced with the horrors of World War II, our fledgling post war global community came up with a plan to avoid future world wars. A key ingredient was the integration of nations as can be seen through the formation of the United Nations, and the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The European Court of Human Rights is another good example of the steps taken to integrate law along with politics.


Nationalists only look at their social contract through a very narrow prism, but our world, fortunately, has become much more intertwined than that. The number of stars of the European Union have been growing, and Britain is the first to leave. Since World War II we have made two steps forward, and now it’s one step back.

Hitler was an uber nationalist. His campaign slogan was “Make Germany Great Again!” Not unlike Trump, who now has a slogan “Make America Great Again!” I don’t make this comparison to draw a strong link between Hitler and Trump, but it’s a fitting example of how when people are left to destitution, they are susceptible to the siren calls of nationalism.

Post-World War I Germans were destitute. It was foolish for the rest of the world to leave them in this plight. The top 1% of America now has more wealth than the bottom 90%. Someday humans will come to accept what they already know in their hearts, and through good research -- bad things come out of poverty and destitution: criminal behavior, violent social movements, religious zealots, and excessive focus on security as the haves attempt to insulate themselves from the have-nots by spending trillions of dollars to exclude them.

This insulation is not only immoral, it not cost-effective. The reality of the world today is that it costs more to leave people in destitution, than it would cost to create a world of well-being for all as a new form of security.

Military buildup, border controls, and preoccupation with security measures are the by-product of nationalism. Jealousy will now flourish between Briton and Europe. Unite for Rights offers the next step forward after Brexit. By looking back to the end of World War II we can see our direction ahead. Franklin Roosevelt said that what was needed were four freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear.


 Roosevelt was careful to say that these four freedoms were needed “everywhere in the world.” We didn’t do this; Freedom from Want was never realized “everywhere in the world.” Now we are paying the price of terrorism and the resurgence of nationalism. Brexit is not the last word. Here's an article that gives a good explanation of what has happened:

The millennials are prepared to live together as an integrated global community, and want to do so. Those in my generation who want to help them can do so by uniting to support regional systems, and the Unite website provides a framework to do so.

It is unavoidable that at times there will be a step back from our emergence to peace and prosperity within a global community. What’s important is to make sure that there are always two steps forward so progress continues to be made, and the moral arc of the universe continues to bend towards justice.

Please sign the Unite pledge, and help humanity to keep moving in the right direction.

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