Here Unite provides easy reference, and sometimes the opportunity to purchase, books on human rights. The books are listed alphabetically  by the last name of the author. Where there is more than one author it may be listed more than once.

Boyd, John Kirk,  2048: Humanity's Agreement to Live Together (2010) BUY

The blueprint for Unite for Rights and the next step along the continuum to a Global Bill of Rights, including Regional Court systems and an International Court of Human Rights to make human rights enforceable and not just aspirational. 

Falk, Richard, Achieving Human Rights (2009) BUY

A sophisticated vision for the way forward for the realization of human rights by one of the great all time thinkers in the field. Follow the path of the "Citizen Pilgrim" down the path to rights for all.

Glendon, Mary Ann, A World Made New (2001) BUY

A wonderful story about the journey of Eleanor Roosevelt and others as they drafted and passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A must read if you're interested in the foundation for a Global Bill of Rights.

Humphrey, John P., Human Rights & the United Nations: a great adventure (1984) BUY

There's a reason why this book costs $287 and is worth every penny: It's written by the person who more than anyone else researched and wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Among many pearls, check out page 27 where he says the "if the international community ever becomes really serious about human rights it will follow the European example" - the European Convention on Human Rights.