Q: What can I do to help?

A: Sign! Sign to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights. Your simple signature is the most important thing that  you can do because it's an exercise of power. It's getting behind something that can actually be enforceable, which is different from many things that are just declarations.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of Unite for Rights?

A: Humanity is emerging from warring nation states to peace and prosperity within a global community. Given people as they are, Unite brings out the best and curtails the worst so that this transition can take place.

Q. Isn't it better to spend time and resources to help people with immediate needs such as giving a starving person something to eat, or a child the medicine they need?

A. Yes it is better, but the immediate and the long term are not mutually exclusive. There is a good story that highlights this answer:

  • There was a town by a river and one day bodies started floating down the river, some injured and many of them dead. The people in the town were caring and immediately started pulling bodies out of the water. The bodies kept coming so they started building facilities by the river so they could help more people effectively. One day, as a young woman was helping others to pull a body out of the water she looked up and said "we should continue to pull these bodies out of the water, but shouldn't somebody go take a look upstream."

Unite is for the few who are willing to go upstream to take a look. Unite supports 99% of all energy and money to going to immediate needs, and to have 1% go to Unite to go upstream and implement a plan to reduce the flow of bodies.