Help fulfill Eleanor's dream!

Help fulfill Eleanor's dream!


become a member/donate

For individuals, we ask you to become a member of Unite and donate at least the price of a cup of coffee, or whatever you can afford. Members receive the Unite quarterly email newsletter, One Planet, and infrequent info about upcoming Unite events. Donations in any currency that are the equivalent of 20 US dollars receive a Unite for Rights hand-painted bookmark through the mail. 

For businesses, particularly philanthropies, Unite asks that they give 1% of their annual donations to Unite to help implement a long range plan for fundamental human rights for all. This complements giving 99% to meet immediate human rights needs. 

Your email and other information will never be sold or given to anyone other than Unite, and your donation is fully tax deductible if you are a United States taxpayer. Your donation may also be deductible in other countries as well, and if you ask we will be happy to assist you with tax questions.

Thank you.