About Unite for Rights

The situation on Earth today is that the people are more prepared to live together as a global community than the leaders and special interests running the national governments.

Unite's role is to provide a plan for transition from warring nation states with poverty and environmental degradation to peace and prosperity within a global community. Unite provides a booklet with the details of this plan: Version 11 booklet

In short, Einstein was right when he said "The problems of the world do not exist because of the evil people, but because of the good people who do nothing about them." Unite empowers you to do something in 30 seconds: sign a pledge to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights: sign the pledge 

And once you support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights, help write the rules for those who govern. It's simple really. Think about the rights you want and look at the draft list that Unite provides. If you don't like what's there, or have something to add, tell us -- it's easy to make a comment. Comment here

 It's a myth that the best we can do is to spend two trillion dollars a year either to wage war, or to prepare to wage war. As Malcolm Gladwell, the author, recently wrote "Our world can be much richer than the one we have settled for."

While it may seem daunting, we do not need to come up with some new brilliant idea to make this breakthrough -- the path has been broken before us.  Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787: “A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on Earth, and what no just government should refuse.”   Unite's mission is to use new technology such as social networking to spread this idea, and to provide a plan so that the idea can be implemented in all countries.

Fortunately, the path to a plan has already been broken. When Rene Cassin, the brilliant French lawyer, judge and war hero won the Nobel Peace Prize for the work he did on the European Convention on Human Rights, he simply told the Nobel Committee "It works."

And it does work, the European Convention, and the Court that enforces it, is the most effective protection for human rights in the world today.  Commenting about the European Convention, John Humphrey, the Canadian who did most of the deep research for the Universal Declaration on Human Rights said "If the international community ever becomes really serious about human rights, the time will come when the European example will be followed on a universal scale.”  That time is here.

Combining the Universal Declaration with other Bills of Rights and human rights documents, Unite for Rights, and the Global Bill of Rights upon which it is based, is the best plan for humanity to live in peace and prosperity within a global community that has ever been writtenVersion 11 booklet 

If you have a better plan, or have read or heard of a better secular plan, please tell us. Unite will give any person or organization, in their own currency, the equivalent of $1,000 U.S. Dollars for any written plan, a book, article, or napkin, written in the past or the present, that will bring peace and prosperity within a global community in a better way than the plan offered by Unite.

Most people lack the courage or the fortitude to write the rules for those who govern. Some are weak; most are just too busy trying to get by in the broken system that leaves them too tired or intimidated to fix that system.

Unite is looking for that 1 in 100 person or business who will do something and have the strength to take one minute to act and sign a pledge joining with others around the world to create a world that works for all. sign the pledge If you've read this far, and don't sign to support the idea of rights for all, please ask yourself why? And if the best you can think of is that it's unlikely to happen, so you'll do nothing, then please think again.

Be that person or business with the strength to act. Join Us!

For in depth reflections of the Unite plan, please see the Version 11 booklet and visit our Daily Planet Blog

Pledge, Share, Comment.