jOIN a plan for peace and prosperity within a global community

The situation today is that the people on Earth want to live in peace and prosperity within a global community more than the people running  their governments. It's time to use the Internet and social networking to tell those in power what the rules are to be in power. 


Fortunately, after the horrors of World War II, Eleanor Roosevelt and many others internationally came up with a plan for peace and prosperity for people in all countries based upon fundamental human rights. This plan is embodied in the document you see here, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Unfortunately, this plan of rights for all has never been fully implemented.  Unite for Rights is a non-governmental organization that is helping to implement this plan by uniting people, businesses and governments to draft a Global Bill of Rights, a list of fundamental human rights enforceable in the courts of all countries. 

Join with people around the world and sign to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights! Don't just complain about those who govern, or think myopically about your own country or town, help create rights for all people in all countries so that we can live in peace and prosperity on Earth.


Combining the Universal Declaration with other Bills of Rights and human rights documents, Unite for Rights, and the Global Bill of Rights upon which it is based, is the best plan for humanity to live in peace and prosperity within a global community that has ever been written. Version 11 booklet 

If you have a better plan, or have read or heard of a better secular plan, please tell us. Unite will give any person or organization, in their own currency, the equivalent of $1,000 U.S. Dollars for any written plan, a book, article, or napkin, written in the past or the present, that will bring peace and prosperity within a global community in a better way than the plan offered by Unite.

As good as the plan is, Unite's draft Global Bill of Rights is not a finished document, but after 10 years of input from people globally, it's a great starting point. Help us make it better. 


Sign and Share! -- As Nelson Mandela said "let all the voices of the people be heard."

For more details about this plan, read our Unite for Rights booklet. Version 11 booklet



Contribute your photos, video, writing showing we are uniting! Tag your Tweets, photos, and blogs with the #UniteForRights hashtag to show how we are emerging as a global community!