About the Unite Movement

Our mission is to unite people, businesses and governments through a Global Bill of Rights, a list of fundamental human rights, including protection for the environment, enforceable in the courts of all countries.  To this end, we are gathering 1% of people and businesses worldwide to sign a pledge to support the idea of a Global Bill of Rights, and to contribute 1% of their annual giving to a "1% Fund" to build a movement to spread the idea of a Global Bill of Rights far and wide until it reaches all corners of Earth.

We also offer a document, a Global Bill of Rights, as a starting point so that we can focus together. Unite welcomes your input. Once you have signed the pledge, give a comment and help draft what the list of rights, including free speech, education, equality, freedom of religion and other rights will be. This is one of the most powerful ideas of the 20th and 21st centuries and the result will be humanity's agreement to live together in peace and prosperity with a clean and healthy environment for the years to come.

Pledge, Share, Comment -- As Nelson Mandela said "let all the voices of the people be heard."

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Join the conversation or start your own. Tag your Tweets, photos, updates and blogs with the #UniteForRights hashtag to show your support for humanity and the Global Bill of Rights. Interact with our community in the social feed below.